i3 Systems is a software development company. We build software tools and systems that can be used by large and small organizations to manage the information transmitted over their data network. The data fabric is part of the network infrastructure that maintains and manages the data fabric that facilitates collaboration and the sharing of data between departments, divisions, partners, customers, and government agencies. i3 products allow organizations to manage data as an asset that is supported across the organization and supported as a part of the organization’s larger network infrastructure. i3 technologies allow our customers to better serve a variety of ecosystem participants at the scale that is critical to maintaining operational efficiencies.

What i3 Does 1

i3 Products

i3 Systems makes products that enable companies that are preparing themselves to excel in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Some companies focus on the data models that serve these evolving next-generation organizations as they seek to improve the way humans interact with data by using concepts from the metaverse, big data storage systems such as database systems, and digital twin technologies. Other companies focus on the algorithmic drivers of artificial intelligence software that manipulates data to uncover new insights and automate business activity. These companies are complemented by a plethora of companies that focus on the transport of data by focusing on communications technologies such as 5G, 6G, Wifi, and Lora. i3 does not do these things – people already have a wide range of options to fill these needs. i3 has chosen to focus on the glue that is needed to tie these other systems together in an information-driven society.

The downloadable computer software that i3 Systems has developed and supports allows data owners (the people who generate data) to maintain visibility of who and how their data is being used. This software is placed at the junction of all the major infrastructure components to ensure information consumers (those in need of information) can find the data they want and connect it to the services that turn information into a business advantage. The i3 System becomes a hub that converts data into information that is being sought by a wide variety of hosted applications. It integrates many management functions allowing system administrators to track how the organization’s information is being used. This is all done in a way that provides transparency and respects the privacy and policies needed to allow our data-driven world to flourish.

Some people have referred to our approach to supporting collaboration based on transparency and respect for data owner privacy as a threat to the approach taken by legacy big data brokers and data mining companies. i3 Systems takes such comments as a compliment because our approach embraces the desires of an increasingly information-savvy population. However, i3 Systems also believes that such a shift encourages increased collaboration between parties and thus ultimately grows the data market for everyone. We see ourselves as much more of an opportunity than a threat for these legacy systems once they accept that their legacy markets have evolved to become much more data-savvy than the market was five or ten years ago.

The i3 core software is distributed as a docker image that can be easily downloaded and installed by any docker-competent engineer. This software consists of a core distribution fabric and supports an information adaption layer that can be used to embellish data streams for managed distribution. This layer also supports the ability that allows individual application-specific data streams to be enhanced and otherwise adapted to application-specific environments.

The core software is complimented by an edge processing system that allows the embellishment and enhancement functions to be moved from the cloud to a location near where the data is generated. Our edge processing systems allow for the modularized deployment of AI functionality close to the data generation site and provide a place where privacy policies can be enforced before the data ever enters the public data network or cloud-based application base.

i3 Solutions

The i3 technology brings managed information governance to organizations that understand and embrace the fact that information drives business growth. When information is confined to organizationally constricted applications, organizations struggle to grow and suffer operational penalties because of data and procedural redundancies. On the other hand, organizations that are willing to share information in a controlled, protected, and managed fashion have been shown to significantly outperform their competitors. i3 Systems technology provides the needed systems that allow deeper forms of collaboration to be used for business benefit without forcing the data owners to give up control of their data or otherwise become dependent on third parties for oversight of their internal processes.