What We Are About

i3 Systems helps to create next-generation data-centric networks. These forward-looking systems have complex networks of real-time data flows from many devices (data producers such as IoT units and data servers) to many applications (data consumers) that must be orchestrated and governed in order to derive actionable insights from different data sources.

As a company, i3 Systems is dedicated to the design, deployment, and support of these advanced next-generation data-centric networks that go beyond legacy connectivity networks to provide true data exchange systems. These systems support many applications from different suppliers. They include various types of data producers from different vendors. These systems work together to create an information exchange that can transcend organizational boundaries to encourage increased data-driven collaboration. In these advanced information networks, there may be many different administrators and independent operational groups that need software tools to support the decision-making processes that are an inherent part of every data exchange. These different administrations are responsible for different components of the overall ecosystem but they all must work together in order to develop actionable data-driven insights from the data flows that cut across organizational structures. i3 Systems understands and embraces a world where data drives the decision-making process and where the data needed to support those decisions comes from many sources and needs to be coordinated, controlled, and managed.

i3’s Heritage


i3 Systems was spun out of a research project originally conducted at the University of Southern California (USC) by the Viterbi School of Engineering and the Marshall School of Business. This research effort uncovered holes in traditional data ecosystems that served to inhibit data collaboration among federated groups. Working with many outside parties through the i3 Consortium, these findings led to the creation of a proof-of-concept that validated these academic findings in a simulated operational environment. i3 Systems was formed to commercialize these concepts and to create an industrialized version of the software that serves to drive the industry’s evolution from data networks to information networks.

Who We Are

i3 Systems personnel are world-class experts. The i3 team includes seasoned business professionals, pedigreed researchers, full-stack developers, graphics specialists, and project managers. The team is spread across the globe and works collaboratively and across disciplines to create inspired solutions to solve data-centric wicked problems that can change the world we live in. They are committed to driving networks that harness the power of data in an environment that respects the rights of data owners and builds trust between participants.


i3 Systems was founded as a Delaware corporation on February 11, 2020. The company self-funded the development of its initial product line and is currently transitioning to a growth phase which will enable it to bring its technology to smart-cities and smart government, healthcare, industrial ecosystems, business cooperatives, and other entities across the globe that are struggling to manage the volume of data needed to support a thriving business ecosystem.

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