Heightened Data Confidence
i3 Systems provides software that enables the confidence and integrity required for data communities to form and growth. The software provides the tools needed to support transparency, and cross-organizational trust that allow the development and acceptance of data driven insights
Federated Data Management
Our i3 software meets the needs of commercial and government information management networks that interact across organization divisions, with partners, and with customers. The i3 system supports real-time information flows between applications and data sources.
Ecosystem Enhancement
We support IT departments, service providers, accelerators, application developers, and device manufacturers wishing to expand their data community. Transparency, incentives, and integrity management systems are needed to expand information use and increase business insights.
Governance, Privacy Transparency
Building information centric communities requires an advanced governance system where each data owner remains in control of how the information is used by the community. These systems have to respect and enforce user-specified controls to create an information sharing environment based on trust.
Breakout From Restrictive Data Silos
Information driven insights that improve customer experiences, open new opportunities, reduce costs, and enable new business models require an infrastructure that goes beyond data connectivity. i3 Systems allows independent entities can work together as a coordinated community.
Active Management of Data Assets
The i3 software treats information as an asset. Like any other asset, an organization's performance is improved by leveraging its asset base. i3 makes it easier to use and reuse the data in their information network to maximize the benefits the organization derives from their information investment.

Our Mission

We Support Ecosystem-Driven Information Networks for the next generation of IT systems

Information Driven Insights

Innovation requires data, lots of information from lots of sources and this information needs to be managed and curated. By creating a information network from an array of incoming data streams, applications can become rich sources for insights are development processes are accelerated

Economic Advantage

Innovation can be difficult and expensive. This is not because there is a lack of creativity but is instead results from a lack of information. By making it easier for applications to find needed information and allowing them to leverage a large information base, innovation programs can become an engine for economic growth.

Time Efficiency

Software development takes a lot of time any money. Project analysis shows that a lot of the effort on one project duplicates similar efforts on other projects. By moving from a data network that focuses on connectivity to an information based network allows redundancies to be removed reducing development time and improving efficiency.

Use Cases

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