i3 Solutions apply to many different industries such as those in the healthcare, retail/hospitality, and government sector. All these organizations depend heavily on data to drive business. If these organizations can make better use of the data they have access to, they can improve their operational effectiveness. As the world begins to shift from looking at data as a means to archive historic data in order to consider their data resources operational assets, a new class of software tools will be needed to manage their business. i3 Systems is there to support this emerging need.

The I3 Software provides a framework that allows data communities to form across organizational boundaries. Organizational boundaries are important and necessary to determine the span of control of a specific organizational unit, but for valuable insights to be created from data that transcends these organization structures, an inter-organizational data governance is needed to dynamically manage these flows.

Initially, i3 Systems were focused on providing the tools needed to manage these data flows in the Healthcare, Retail/hospitality, and government sectors. However, over time all industries will need to manage these data flows as they seek to manage data exchanges with customers, across geographic borders, between partners, and within organization entities.


i3 Solutions: Healthcare

I3 Systems looks at healthcare as a community driven endeavor. There are many IoT systems that manage data flows between the patient and the doctor or between the hospital and administration, but creating fully connected communities requires a different approach. I3 considers how the data from individual IoT devices can contribute to making the community healthier, from how the family can be involved in the health care process to how health care services can be incorporated into the process. This same kind of thinking allows healthcare providers to customize treatment plans for local patient conditions and needs. Ultimately, healthcare is not an individual issue but requires a community-cooperative effort.


I3 Solutions: Retail/Hospitality

Shopping, dining, and entertainment are no longer about buying a needed item – it is about the experience. While stores and restaurants have significant control over their immediate surroundings, the experience is impacted long before the customer crosses the merchant’s threshold. To create customer experiences that generate excitement and loyalty among consumers requires merchants to understand the complete customer journey, which drives a need for external data. I3 Systems is working with shopping centers, business improvement districts, and merchant associations to allow retail and hospitality enterprises to share data in order to create influential consumer environments.

Smart Government

i3 Solutions: Smart Government

Government agencies are often structured around departments with distinct and individualized mandates to serve the citizens. While this structure allows efficient departmental operations, it often impedes the flow of data between departments, cities, and counties. Without such macro-level data, insights are often overlooked and opportunities to improve efficiencies or quality of life are difficult, even impossible, to find. i3 Systems is working with cities and counties to create data-centric infrastructures that allow data to be shared, in a managed way, between operational entities. These infrastructures are seen as prerequisites for services citizens will soon begin to expect from their smart-cities.