i3 products include software that has been designed to allow organizations to better govern and manage the data that flows through their organization. These software products allow a company to improve the value based on the data they create as well as improving the value of the data obtained from partnered organizations.

i3 Software

I3 Software

i3 Downloadable Software.  i3 software facilitates the management of data flows in a real-time data network which includes flows between applications and IoT devices as well as those between linked applications. i3 Software, as developed by the I3 Consortium, has been released as opensource software to support research, developers, and other users.  i3 Systems has developed a robust version of this software which includes features needed to support demanding commercial deployments of these systems.  

Governance Audit

I3 Audit

Governance Audit. i3 Systems has created a tool that supports organizations in their efforts to ensure organizational compliance with corporate policies and industry best practices for privacy and security. Such Audits should be conducted regularly with the organization itself as well as with partners and suppliers.

API Tools


API Tools. i3 Systems supports tools that aid organizations deploying IOT networks. IOT devices and application can be represented in advanced systems through the use of a language specification that generates driver code based on generic APIs. Advanced tools such as these make it easy to link IOT devices into an I3 data flow network.