I3 Systems Incorporated

On February 11, I3 Systems Incorporated was founded to focus on software needed to support the next generation of Data and Internet-of-Things Systems. The first generation of IoT systems represented a silo-based architecture where IoT we deployed to support a specific IoT application need. These systems were usually developed by a single vendor and deployed by a specific business unit. Data governance was not an issue because one person managed the entire stack. However, it was difficult to share data across managerial boundaries and thus insights from shared data were difficult to obtain.

The coming generation of IoT systems will look nothing like these first generation systems. In the next generation systems, IoT device will be managed by many independent IoT device owners and they will be independent of IoT applications. Networks will form as IoT devices are connected, in a managed way, to a IoT applications in need of data. Thus, IoT networks will jump the rubicon just like the Internet started as an environment where Compuserve and AOL controlled user access and shifted to being a user-driven experience.

The I3 Consortium has developed and released open source software to allow these next generation networks to form. From that, I3 Systems emerged to support and enable these systems to be deployed and grow in support of a growing cadre of data-centric communities.