I3 Systems supports accelerators!

The goal any accelerator is to help a venture move from inception to production and operations. The path along this process involves several steps and different accelerator programs focus on different steps, different industries, and different markets. It is important for any venture to carefully select an accelerator program that supports their unique business needs.

I3 Systems can provide I3 platform software to accelerator administrators for use by all of the accelerator’s participants.

  • If the accelerator participants are developing software that uses IOT data, the I3 software makes it easy for the software to find the IOT data they need.
  • If the accelerator is developing IOT devices, the I3 software makes it easy for their customers to leverage the data from their devices.
  • If the accelerator participants are developing software that draws on data from different domains, the I3 software makes the data flows more manageable.
When an accelerator program provides its participants access to the advanced I3 tools, the companies are more productive and are faster to market.

I3 Systems understands that successful businesses need data to operate, by helping these ventures get established and thrive, the flow of data is increased. The more that data can flow between IoT devices, data analytics companies, data storage companies, artificial intelligence companies, and data visualization companies, the more everyone benefits.

If your accelerator does not provide support for the I3 Systems tool set, ask the accelerator management team to reach out to us and let us help you become an even greater success!